All the things.

by wekindell

Disclaimer: This is me acknowledging that I’ve been MIA for over 7 months. Hope you’ve been well, friend. I’ve been a lot of things.

If I post it on the internet then it’s real, right? Since my foot surgery 3 weeks ago, I’ve done a lot of Netflixing and napping, but I’ve also done a lot thinking, processing, and reflecting.

This post by my secret soul sister, Hannah Brencher, showed up in my inbox yesterday and smacked me in the face with conviction. After much prayer and talking with my amazingly supportive husband, I’ve decided to join the #contentmentchallenge

Starting January 1st, I won’t buy any clothing, accessories, home decor, or any unnecessary “things” for three months. Ouch. (even typing those words gives me mild anxiety)

I like things. A lot. 

I’m regularly updating my Amazon wishlist, trolling Pinterest, and wandering Target’s “dollar” section (let’s just get this out in the air: it’s not a dollar section anymore, people). I spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to convince my hubs to let me have a few extra dollars in my free-spending category of our budget because I NEED to thrift and craft and buy and spend and redecorate and my shoes make my feet hurt and I need a new pillow because the 5 on our bed aren’t good enough and blah blah blah. It’s bad. Real bad.

My prayer is that over the next three months, without stuffing things into the aches in my heart; I’ll store His Word, and that ultimately, I’ll know Him more.

Instead of endlessly adding new books to my Amazon wishlist, I’m going to read at least three that I currently own but haven’t read (Bandersnatch by Erika Morrison, Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey, and Wild in the Hollow by Amber C. Haines). Instead of wandering Target after hard counseling sessions, I’m going to pray and explore yoga. Instead of needing more shoes, I want to need more Jesus.

Friends, it’s going to be hard for me. Will you pray with me?

And if I haven’t painted a clear enough picture of my addiction to things, here’s a photo of Alexa and I at the mall. One week after my surgery. I was willing to go to the mall, hopped up on Vicodin, in much pain, to be surrounded by things. Yes, that is a wheelchair and yes, malls do have elevators, we got to take one. IMG_4717